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Winroth Industri AB

After many years of experience in the drilling industry we discovered that the grinding machines available are often cumbersome and were poorly adapted to the Nordic climate. There was a great need for a more robust and flexible grinding machine.


Together with Kaj at Torstorps mekaniska, we began the development of a grinding machine that would cope with the Nordic climate. The end product was the VITESSE grinding machine. The VITESSE grinder was tested during the winter of 2016-2017 on a drilling rig in central Sweden. Despite the temperature creeping below -20, the entire season progressed without downtime. VITESSE's patented and innovative design makes the grinding machine easy to handle and reliable even in harsh conditions.


VITESSE was created with the Nordic climate in mind and can therefore withstand harsh environments and cold climates.


VITESSE is both adapted for

mounting directly on drilling rig and for stationary use


VITESSE is flexible and can therefore use grinding cups from CME, Atlas Copco, King, Sandvik and more

Now as carbon fiber black as standard!

All our machines are now delivered in carbon fiber black as standard.

They are also available in other colors, contact us to find out more!

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